2020: All Different All One? EU 2020

Towards European Constitutionalism

All Different All One? EU 2020

Monday 11 May 2020

6.00 pm Opening – Prof. Adam Bodnar, The Commissioner for Human Rights of the Republic of Poland
6.15 pm Clara Martínez Martínez & Jakub Bieganski
The Conditionality Mechanism – Can Money Secure Compliance with the Rule of Law?
7.00 pm Sandra Álvarez Roces & Katarzyna Clapinska
Differences in Constitutional Culture: with or without Constitutional Court in the Member-State

Tuesday 12 May
6.00 pm Elena Bizzini & Mateusz Marciniak
Differences as to the Political Party culture: Italy and Poland Compared
6.45 pm Carla Arcidiacono & Witold Janas
Divergent Models of the Upper Chambers of Parliament in European Constitutionalism
and its Reception to the Institution of the Council

Monday 18 May

6.00 pm Aleksandra Kochman & Zofia Sznajder
The Crisis Management Ability of the Eurozone and Beyond
6.45 pm Andrea Vineis & Marta Modelska
Some Are More Equal Than Others: Does Size of the Member State Matter?

Tuesday 19 May

6.00 pm Giacomo Carpinteri & Benedek Radvánszki
Towards European Family Law
6.45 pm Hanna Sokolska
How to Fight Enemies of Democracy: Art 7 and Respective Mechanisms in the Member States

Moderated by

Prof. Ch. Hillion (Oslo – Leyden), Prof. F. Mayer (Bielefeld) & Prof. M. Wyrzykowski (Warsaw), Dr P. Marcisz, Dr A. Ploszka & Prof. J. Urbanik (Warsaw)

11, 12, 18, 19 May 2020, Virtual Campus @ Webex
send a request to kuba@adm.uw.edu.pl a.ploszka@wpia.uw.edu.pl to participate