2019: Marking European Boundaries

Towards European Constitutionalism

XVIII: Marking European Boundaries

Monday 13 May

3.00 pm      Opening – dr Adam Bodnar, The Commissioner for Human Rights of  the Republic of Poland

3.15 pm      Daniel Cunha Rego, Sara Rayon González, Barnaba Rud-Chlipalski & Carla Seijo

Boundaries with in Membership – ‘Membership’ beyond Boundaries

4.15 pm      Isabel Robles López, Helene Trojanski & Rafail Vachev

Boundaries in Trust: European Arrest Warrant

5.00 pm      coffee break

5.30 pm      Eloy Peláez Piñera, Achille Prinzivalli & Igor Siuda

Legal Boundaries: Lack of Mutual Recognition of Marital Status as an Obstacle to the Free Movement of Persons – The Current Situation and Prospects for The Future

6.45 pm      Michal M. Adam Czwarno, Veronica Garbarino & Alejandro Lasmarias Casado

Cultural Boundaries: Religion / Islamophobia

(session ends about 7.30 pm)

Tuesday 14 May

9.30 am      Anastasiia Dmytriv, Sara Marcysiak & Ángela Torrecillas Romera

External Boundaries. Closed Borders Defining of EU Membership or Not? (Brexit: Protocol on Ireland and Northern Ireland)

10.15 am    Anna Chabiera, Emanuela Rassu & Raquel Carmona Fuentes

Invisible Boundaries: Rural Areas and Social Rights. The Access to the Right of Education as a Tool for the Equalization of Opportunities

11.00 am     coffee break

11.15 am    Guillermo Berros, Gabriele Koohestai Basenjani & Zuzanna Nowicka

Medical Boundaries: Access to Euthanasia and Abortion as a Part of Cross-Border Healthcare System in the European Union

noon           Conclusions –Moderators

Moderated by Prof. Ch. Hillion (Oslo – Leyden), Prof. F. Mayer (Bielefeld) & Prof. M. Wyrzykowski(Warsaw)

13–14 May 2019, Main Campus, Faculty of Law, Room 209