2018: Courts and the European Rule of Law

Towards European Constitutionalism XVII

Courts and the European Rule of Law

Monday 14 May

2.00 pm Opening – Rafał Szyndlauer, Deputy Head of Political Section, EC Representation

2.15 pm Viviana Giuffrida & Ignacio Marco Salamero-Vidal: The Rule of Law in Accession Treaties and Negotiations

2.45 pm Sara Fernandez Rodríguez & Marta Sznajder: European Rule of Law Parameters for Domestic Court Systems in the EU

3.45 pm Angélica García Díaz & Maciej Ferenc: What We Can Learn about the Rule of Law from the Catalonia Case?

4.30 pm coffee break

4.45 pm Kamila Marciniak & Kristian Tsvetkov: The Relationship between ECJ and ECHR

5.30 pm Sara Marcysiak & María Teresa Martínez-Cardeñoso Castellón: The Relationship Between the Highest National Courts and the ECJ

6.15 pm Giuliana Sessa & Mélaine Szabelski: The Relationship Between Ordinary Courts and Constitutional Court in EU Affairs

(session ends about 7 pm)

Tuesday 15 May

9.00 am Francisco Miguel Molina Rojas & Fabio Molinaro: The Preliminary Reference Procedure

9.45 am Sergio Royal Hernández & Michał Wiącek, European Arrest Warrant, Ireland – Rule of Law and Mutual Trust

10.30 m coffee break

10.45 a am Aleksandra MusiaŁ & Francesco Sassetti, European Rule of Law Standards for the Selection of Judges

11.30 am Zuzanna Morawska & Paola Cacciatore, The Case Law of the ECJ on the Rule of Law Principle

12.15 pm Conclusions –Moderators