2007 „European Constitution – Reloaded?”

2007  „European Constitution – Reloaded?”

Monday, 13.05.07

1. The Notion of a Common Constitutional Tradition (Art. 6 of the „Constitutional Treaty”), Kasia Syska

2. The Constitutional Competences of the European Court of Justice, Piotr Bogdanowicz, Milena Liszka

3. European Integration before the French Conseil Constitutionnel in Comparative Perspective, Łukasz Baumgart & Joanna Lora

4. Membership of the EC in International Organisations, Marcin Menkes

Tuesday 14.07.07

1. Fundamental Rights in the ECJ case-law (Luxembourg versus Strasbourg Influences and Perceptions), Maciej Zaleśkiewicz

2. III Pillar Cooperation, the European Arrest Warrant, Nils Moenkediek

3. Ideas and Directions in Addressing the European Constitutional Crisis, Matthias Kube

Wednesday, 15.05.07

1. Turkey as a Prospective Member State and the Turkish Side of the Story, Francesco Tagliagambe & Luigi Lai

2. Switzerland and the EU: Integration without Membership, Agnieszka Łopatka

3. Corporate Social Responsability from the Point of View of the Charter of Fundamental Rights, Maciej Bernatt