2005 “Towards European Constitutionalism”

2005    “Towards European Constitutionalism” – 25-27 kwietnia 2005 r.

DAY 1 (25 April 2005

  1. Legal conditions for entering and leaving the EU under the new Constitutional Treaty, (Group No. 7) Daniel MADEJSKI
  2. Constitutional courts handling motions on the question of the constitutionality of European law, (Group No. 3) Jiri DUFEK; Katarzyna WARZECHA
  3. The European Court of Justice (ECJ) and the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) as the „constitutional courts of Europe”, (Group No. 6) Philipp MELCHER & Michał PENKALA

DAY 2 (26 April 2005)

  1. The potential influence of the Charter of Fundamental Rights on national systems of basic rights, (Group No. 1) Filip PAZDERSKI
  2. Federalism, Confederalism and Unitarism in view of various models of European integration, (Group No. 5) Ewa KLIMCZEWSKA & Piotr KWIATKOWSKI
  3. EU enlargement – the borderline of the so-called „European Europe”, (Group No. 4) Georg MEYER;

DAY 3 (27 April 2005)

  1. The rôle of national parliaments according to the new European Constitution, (Group No. 8) Marcin WIĄCEK & Łukasz BĘBENISTA
  2. Ratification procedures of the EU constitutional treaty – models and consequences, (Group No. 9) Maciej KUBIAK & Adrianna KOWALSKA
  3. Political and legal consequences of a possible failure to ratify the EU Constitutional Treaty, (Group No. 2) Vaclav LEBEDA & Dariusz DYBKA